Symbios® PepGen P-15® & PepGen P-15® FLOW

The Science Of P-15 Peptide  

  • Tissue-engineered bone replacement graft material.
  • Mimics the inorganic and organic components of autogenous bone.
  • Includes the specially designed P-15 peptide, a synthetic biomimetic of the 15 amino acid sequence of Type-I collagen, which is uniquely involved in the binding of cells, particularly fibroblasts and osteoblasts.¹
  • Easy to place using conventional bone grafting techniques.
  • PepGen P-15 particulate is available in the preferred particle size range: PepGen P-15 particulate (250-420 microns) packaged in 1-gram and 3-gram vials.

Pepgen FLOW

PepGen P-15® FLOW is PepGen P-15® suspended in an inert hydrogel that provides superior handling and ease of delivery in a gel form.

The Predictable Choice

  • First biomimetic of autogenous bone.
  • Provides superior defect fill.
  • Minimizes crestal bone loss.
  • Predictable, dependable long-term results.
  • Histologic confirmation of bone regeneration.
  • PepGen P-15 FLOW: PepGen P-15 particulate suspended in inert biocompatible hydrogel
    packaged in 0.5 cc and 1.0 cc syringes.

1. Bhatnagar RS, Qian JJ, Gough CA. The role in cell-binding of a a-bend within the triple helical region in collagen b1(I) chain: Structural and biological evidence for conformational tautomerism on fiber surface. J Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics. 1997;14:547-560.

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